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The entire family of Colt’s fabled “snake” series revolvers. They are extremely difficult to collect since most have several variations with different barrel lengths, finishes and calibers. Some models can easily push $4,000+ in asking price. The snakes are so popular that even European and Middle Eastern kings and princes have received special custom made Colt snake revolvers. (GRH)

  • Colt Cobra (.32 Colt New Police / .38 Special / .22 LR)
  • Colt Diamondback (.22 LR / .22 WMR / .38 Special)
  • Colt Viper (.38 Special)
  • Colt King Cobra (.38 Special  / .357 Magnum)
  • Colt Python (.357 Magnum)
  • Colt Boa (.357 Magnum)
  • Colt Anaconda (.44 Special / .44 Magnum / .45 Long Colt)

Awesome. Really dumb for Colt to stop making these.

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Frankie the oitnb rescue puppy!!!! Just when we thought we couldn’t love this cast more.

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This is SO cool that I just had to share.

you clever fuckers

my teacher used this today

W+H+I+S+K+E+Y23+8+9+19+11+5+25 = 100%
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By Reimar Gaertner

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*snifts wine* do i detect a hint of grapes?

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The Iron Giant; Papercraft

by Aron J. Shay | Tumblr | Facebook | Portfolio | Instagram | Etsy

Art Show: The Iron Giant Show; Saturday September 13th, 2014 from 6 to 10pm at Community/A Little Known Shop located at 423 S. Brookhurst St Anaheim CA. The show is one night only.

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